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What do you like to do for fun / in your free time?

1 Answer

Make sure to have something for this one. Don't lie and say you like to prove physics theorems and work in soup kitchens every free minute you have. Mine were working on cars, sports, and all the positions Ive held in my frat, as well as my interest in investing and everything that stems from that. This question is asked to gauge if you're interesting enough for people to like you at work.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answer

Please explain your average day as a construction manager (with experience)?

All they asked was if I wanted the job that I applied for and that was that.

Describe your experience marketing CM Services.

1 Answer

Please tell me the tools you would bring to a home to do a frame check?

They asked me how I got into Construction Management

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Name an experience where, in either buisness or school, where you were tried, and how did you handle it?

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