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Consultant Business Analytics Interview Questions


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Case: Quantitative and Qualitative questions about a new software and entering the market.

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Asked about analytics, IBM

Business Case (Sent a day in advance): Please take the data set provided (lots of binary variables) and provide us some analysis on why this foreign based company is having issues with consumer retention

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What do you enjoy doing outside of work.

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Why Oracle? Why sales? Sell me this (insert object). Walk me through your resume. Tell us about a time where you went above and beyond for a customer/client.

Nothing unexpected. But I feel like this type of interview (behavioral with no hard questions) solely depends on how well you interact with your interviewer, whom in my case was totally disinterested.

Case Study - Given the following information, what will be the payback period? (Not all info is given and you have to recognize that and ask for more information)

A company is having issues with turnover between a older workforce retiring, and a young workforce turning over at twice the rate, how would you get data to do analysis on this

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