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OpenLink Financial
Technical Consultant Intern was asked...January 3, 2014

Create a program that converts temperatures from one unit to another

2 Answers


Use google to find out how to code this in C, C++, Java, Python, Perl to be prepared Less

Bain & Company

How would you set up your solution to this case?

2 Answers

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?


Invotex Group

Walk me through how you would value a business.

1 Answers

Basically, they were looking for an understanding of discounted cash flows, WACC, and multiple valuation. Less


Describe a time you had to persuade a coworker.

1 Answers

Why consulting and why Mastercard?


They asked me about my technical experiences

1 Answers

I shared past technical experiences and how I can apply to this internship.

Morgan Philips Group

Entretien avec le stagiaire en poste (20min) / puis avec le futur manager (40min) Entretien basique, recruteurs accueillants et ouverts : Présentez-vous / Questions plus approfondies sur mes expériences préalables / Test du niveau d'anglais (parler en anglais de ses passions) / questions sur mes qualités et défauts / pourquoi le recrutement / pourquoi en cabinet

1 Answers

Qu’a tu répondu à la question « pourquoi en cabinet ? »

Bain & Company

Por que você escolheu consultoria?

1 Answers

Eu contei meus reais motivos e porque eu acreditava ter perfil.

OpenLink Financial

Create a windows WPF program that accesses a .NET database

1 Answers

Use google to find out how to code this in VB.NET or C#.NET

Konrad Group

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

1 Answers

What experience/ why are you interested in UX design and how can it benefit you in the position of Associate Consultant Intern? Less


What do you think is the added value of zalando compared to competitors?

1 Answers

You are customer driven, you have an interesting corporate culture which is very inclusive... Less

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