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Three things occur at once. A baby is crying, a tea kettle is whistling, and the phone is ringing. In which order will you take of the problems and why?

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Take the kettle off so you can hear the caller once you answer the phone. Do these both and you've removed the likely causes of the baby's crying.

Check on the baby in case its a life/death situation then pick up the call because it could be an emergency then deal with the kettle afterwards since its highly unlikely that it could be a lif/death situation

Turn off the kettle, attend to the baby, and let the phone go to voice mail. Turn off the kettle first because it would be too risky to hold the baby near a stove in operation with steam coming from the kettle. Attend to the baby because once you have removed environmental risks, it is the most critical situation and most immediately resolvable. If the phone cannot be answered before the baby's crying has been resolved, delegate the task of answering to voice mail, and then answer the voice mail at the earliest possible chance.

Are you willing and able to provide support on nights and weekends?

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nothing, just went over resume.

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General get to know you type interview question. In the west at least, the personality of the organization is more about finding the person who is the right fit. This is likely to change as the Konica Minolta culture seeps deeper into All Covered.

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GIve me an example of a time when you had to make a decision where bother options were not good ones what did you choose and how did you make the decision.

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how would you rate your technical expertise in excel (or any other computer program)

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Define the TCP handshake? wasn't expecting that one...

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What was the most challenging aspect of your last position

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Describe your background regarding a technology.

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"What do you do when you are not working?

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