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Consulting By Degrees Interview Questions


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Case Interview: A regional economy class car rental company wants to break into the luxury car market. What do you recommend?

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The math is important, but isn't crucial, what matters is if you are able to communicate your thought process to the recruiter and come up with the right questions to ask them in order to continue the case.

Your client is a pizza franchise, they just announced a new CEO, how do you recommend to increase profits and out do your competitor?

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Case: Quantitative and Qualitative questions about a new software and entering the market.

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Should X company enter Y market?

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What do you like to do outside of school?

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Name a time when... How did you adapt to... What was your favorite class and why?

There was a case study. This was pretty straightforward. I believe mine had something to do with improving performance of a clients website, can't recall the details.

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Standard Behavioral questions ("Describe a time when ____. How did you handle it?", "How do you define what a consultant is?", etc.)

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