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What do you think about when you are alone in your car?

35 Answers

How do you make a tuna sandwhich?

21 Answers

Let's say you have 10 bags of nails, and each nail weights 10g. You also have a scale upon which you can weigh a combination of the bags or nails from the bags once. You know that one of the bags is off by a certain amount of grams, but you don't know which bag or by how much. How do you find out, with one weighing, which bag it is?

10 Answers

You have a 3 gallon bucket and a 5 gallon bucket as your only tools and you need exactly 4 gallons how would you go about getting the 4 gallons?

6 Answers

Can you meet the hiring manager in 3 hours?

6 Answers

If you have two jars, one with 1000 blue marbles and the other with 1000 red marbles, and you reach into the blue jar and move 20 marbles to the red jar, then grab 20 marbles from the red jar and move them into the blue jar, and you repeat this process one more time, which jar has fewer of the other color?

5 Answers

You have one 4-min hourglass, and one 7-min hourglass. How can you time 9 minutes exactly?

8 Answers

What is the exact angle formed by the hands on a clock when the time reads 9:30?

10 Answers

How to prove your honesty?

4 Answers

Is the platform a "relational database"?

5 Answers
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