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Consulting Interview Questions


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Consulting Interview Questions

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It was more like a conversation to try to get a "feel" for me as a person and less about my capabilities. It was not like any other interview I have had. The biggest challenge was getting the interview. Now I see why because business is pretty good right now.

The president asked me what advice I would give to myself as I was just starting my career.

Why do you want to leaving consulting and come back to industry after being so successful?

What specific moment or event or experience in your life gave you the clarity that consulting is what you're bound to do?

I never incurred any puzzling questions but I do have to say/reiterate how important it is that the interviewee must highlight their abilities to sell AND provide customer support because it is crucial for this position.

Explain a stock split and how to use excel

What are some examples of search engine marketing related business results you've delivered for clients in the past?

Nothing particularly difficult, just very detailed behavioral questions based upon your past work experience.

Why would your accounting background give you an edge in consulting?

Are you able to get at least 5 signed leases in one day?

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