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Have you identified a business development opportunity?

How would you handle a situation where the bonus pool is not large enough to give each of the team members their expected bonus but their performance was different throughout the year?

Share an example of a deal that you worked on beginning to end.

Describe the pre-sales process at your prior employer?

Do you know anyone here? How do you know that?

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What was I most proud of in my career?

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It was a step-by-step, rather harshly-conveyed questioning of my past jobs and resume. Not a single question about my approach with clients, engagement management style, nor methodology, much less anything remotely technical. Tech capability had nothing to do with anything here. I wish I had known it would be like this, as it took me a couple of days to recover my self esteem.

Spoke about my background as usual with experienced recruiters

What was an area of opportunity for you to work on from your last review?

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