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Consulting Technical Manager Interview Questions


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Case study involving time prioritization and problem solving.

1 Answer

Answered to the best of my abilities and it slowly became obvious that it was evaluated based on behaviors

State exactly Oil & Gas years Experience?

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Without using technical jargon, explain the path of a certain message type as it is sent through the Verizon system.

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Putting together a solution presentation for a make-believe company without a lot of details to go by. Then presenting my solution to members of that team and managers.

I was asked quite a few probing questions on my role with my former company. Since I was returning as an experienced hire, Oracle wanted to make sure that I was technical enough to be succesful.

Explain the internet to your grandma.

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I was totally prepared for the interviews and was able to answer all of the ?'s. I would say that both of the interviewers were very easy to relate to and the questions that they asked were not difficult or unexpected. They were both more interested to find out about my background and experiences.

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