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Content Writer and Editor was asked...April 2, 2015

How do you prioritize topics that need to be written?

2 Answers

I try to get a sense of the need for the topics by asking subject matter experts and other interested parties; then I prioritize based on whether this is a new topic, a revision, a requirement to address changed circumstances, or a "nice to have." Emergency topics take first priority; then topics that can be completed quickly; then topics that are needed, but which will require more time to investigate. Less

You would have to draw up an outline that included variables with respect to deadline and value. Once that was accomplished, you should develop an analysis of each item with respect to profit, qty available, vs realistic completion of the project deadline expectation. Say we have 100 widgets that are slow sellers, with a low margin and time consuming to write, and 1000 widgets with the same amount of work, yet are far more profitable, you would outline them in a multi-fold hierarchical format. Equal work and deadline, unequal values. If the next four items were also fast sellers with high quantities and significant profit margins, and took as much work as the 100 widgets, decisions would need to be made. Rush jobs are better served by making compromises. It's better to exclude weaker profit items, in order to ensure all high profit items are included and the quality of the finished product does not read as slap-dash, and that pesky deadline is met. Over-reaching is the hobgoblin of lost accounts. Less

Student Experts

What's your experience with online content creation?

2 Answers

I create online content constantly on Instagram, TikTok, Wattpad, and Snapchat. I’m currently the web editorial intern for Tinfish Press. We’re working on improving their Instagram page to make it easier for writers from the Pacific region to find them and submit work. Less

Minimal honestly. But in school I did contribute sparingly to a newsletter that covered local restaurants in the area. It was a small, college town so it gave me a chance to work pretty closely with the business owners. Less

TracFone Wireless, Inc.

What do you know about IBM Webportal and TrueEffect?

1 Answers

IBM WebSphere Portal is a set of software tools that enables companies to build and manage web portals. It provides a single access point to web content and applications, while delivering differentiated, personalized experiences for each user. TrueEffect helps you manage your display marketing campaigns in a single interface with trafficking, targeting and serving. The XLS campaign manager was built for power users as a plug in for Microsoft Excel. The tool allows for rapid manipulation of data using common functionality such as drag and drop, autofill and cut and paste. Less


How do you measure the success of content?

1 Answers

How often is the content accessed? How effective are the keywords in finding content? For those systems with the option, how many times has the content been marked as resolving the question/problem? Less


How lucky are you and why?

35 Answers

Studies have shown that what we call "luck" often boils down to the ability to notice an opportunity. Being alert, engaged, and creative is what lets you find and create those opportunities that others may have missed. I've never gotten more than $5 from a lotto scratcher, but I'm a very lucky person. Less

I don't believe in luck-I believe in effort!

I always tell myself that luck is where preparation meets opportunity and I get lucky every now and then because I try to always be prepared in case any great opportunity might be passing by Less

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Why Playboy? What do you see for Playboys future.

24 Answers

Legacy is about activism and that is what inspires me about a company

Happy for everyone

How I get job as fast

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Q: How much did you earn in your first job? (which was 7 years ago) Q: How much did you earn in your 2nd, 3rd job? Q: Are you married? Where does your husband work? Can you tell me more about his work profile and other details?

12 Answers

Hi All, The HR asks such questions to know how well the candidate if selected can gel int he team. it is also considered as a back ground check (very briefly). There are organisation which actually have complete background check to know family details as well. Still if one wants to come out of the question it can be said that one is not comfortable. Less

It was fun and great to be interviewed by the HR. The interview process was time taking but the questions asked were relevant. Less

I know people get frustrated when they are not able to crack the job ... but it does not mean we blame other employees or HR..... and as per my knowledge HR just follow the format or set of questions...which they ask everyone.... Less

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6 Answers

Copywriter interview with that spelling hmmm sounds fishy

This can't be for the real Backland Media. There's no way you'd be interviewed by a "nice lady" at the real Backland Media. Less

Run! It's not a good place to work at. Read the reviews.

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Are you willing to sign a non disclosure agreement before any formal interviewing occurs?

9 Answers

Is the work environment for this position operate like a call center?



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'So are you able to start writing right away?"

10 Answers


Of course I am...Do you have an assignment for me?

i am willing to start immediate.

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