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What is content strategy. Honestly. I came from a content background and had done research into content strategy, but the hard and fast definition of content strategy still eludes me.

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I worked around the question by providing examples of how I developed content for me previous employer and my processes.

A good content strategy is like good journalism - the WHO, WHEN, WHY WHERE and HOW: How to deliver the right asset to to the right audience at the right time.

What do you think about Rock Candy Media?

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They gave me a hypothetical question--If you were to meet with a client who wanted your opinion, what would you tell them?

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You've had three jobs in fifteen years. Why have you moved around so much? (Bloombergers are lifers and seldom go anywhere else).

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Tell us about your experiences with Taxonomy on large client projects.

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How many years of experience do you have in financial services?

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What would you say makes you special? What can you bring to this role?

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Give an example of how you used measurement to change a strategy, and include the numerical results you saw.

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Q: How do you handle senior management giving very different feedback?

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There really were no unexpected or hard questions. The entire process was so positive, another reason I was surprised and dismayed by the outcome.

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