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Great questions about my beliefs and my skills. Not your usual, "what are your strengths" but in depth questions that reached to the core of who I am as an individual.

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Below I am asked what year and I chose 2014.. but the interview was actually in 2012.. but 2012 was not an option in the drop down menu.

Misleading, when you invite a candidate for testing skill, you should say so.

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Tell me about your experience?

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Describe how you approach a potential client

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How would you handle an upset customer?

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What was an experience you displayed being a leader?

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How would you handle a conflict in work area?

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What qualities do you think make a good manager that you would want to work for?

Nothing I couldn't answer. I couldn't understand why one interviewer kept focusing on one particular area of the job - a part I thought was the easiest part.

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