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Need someone that can roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done, while building and managing a team. A large focus will be on teaching and coaching the team in evolving to a lean management system while implementing sustainment activities to include accountability Do you meet these requirements? Can you do the work as well as manage others doing it? Please provide examples of situations where you have done both.

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It is in my blood , to be a leader! I am very capable of walking in, taking over, and getting the job done effectively and satisfactory ! I focus on the goal at task, from there , I am willing to go to any length, or find a able body that can complete the task! I am a woman, beyond that it has not stopped me from getting the job done ! There are times where I have been blocked in the middle of a project only due to that woman aspect, strength, and or know how with certain mechanical issues! If given the opportunity , I would take advantage of every bit of it !

Examples of working with different types of groups.

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Give an example of a time you had to manage a difficult interpersonal situation.

Give me and example of a successful project implementation and the results.

Give me and example of a project implementation that did not meet expectations and what were the results.

There were quite a number of interview questions asked, as each interviewer read from a script. At one point the hiring manager commented, "They want me to ask all these questions so I have to get through them." All the questions were open ended behavioral type ones, such as "Describe a time when someone disagreed with you and you had to change your approach?" "Describe a time when you had to pull a team together to make a decision?" "Describe a time when someone misunderstood what you said (integrity related)?" The HR director asked me to provide a high-level overview of my resume, and the outgoing employee asked me for a brief on my resume since he did not have time to review it.

Several questions regarding how the change in industry would affect my ability to be successful.

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