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What would you do in "x" situation....

5 Answers

Ask "y"

I will try to understand the X situation

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Whether I would be okay with working as a defense attorney if I was interest in public interest work

1 Answer

None really. Basic interview to make sure you have skills they want for specific project.

1 Answer

There weren't any difficult or unexpected questions. Just be prepared to tell them about your prior experience, and show some initiative about what you add to the team and how that will benefit the client, rather than what the client or project can offer you.

1 Answer

I was asked what specific experiences I had with subject matter specific to a project.

1 Answer

What my favorite band was.

1 Answer

Questions revolved around whether I'd be amenable to always doing contract work.

1 Answer

What is the minimum hourly rate you will accept?

1 Answer

Previous experience

1 Answer

asked how will my references rate me on the scale of 1-10

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