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How would you stop a provider from obtaining authorization they are not suppose to get, causing consumer to remain on wait list for services?

1 Answer

Educate/train provider on proper authorization entry and request. Work with analytics to show reporting evidence on retention, pending reviews, claim denials, service requests. Work with Clicnal and I.T. to review systems for possible enhancements to prevent providers (according to his or her license level) from making selections they are not suppose to during the authorization request/review. (Mention during interview).

Tell me about a time you failed at something On a scale from 1 -10 How personable/resourceful are you? How do you define culture?

Can you do the work of 2-3 people? Do you think doing the work of 2-3 people is FAIR?

1 Answer

What brought you to apply to Amplitude? What about Amplitude stands out to you?

How do you prioritize? (they provide scenarios and you pick which ones you would do first)

Tell me about a time you had to put out a fire? or What do you do when a "fire alarm" goes off? (aka how do you solve unexpected problems)

Tell me about a time you made a mistake and how you fixed it?

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