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If you saw an elephant in the kitchen, what do you think that it's looking for?

10 Answers

I stated that it will be looking for a way out because it will feel confined.

The way out

Elephant in the room! Need to take time with the persons involved with the specific issue and address it with the up most sincerity.

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Why do you want to work for us?

10 Answers

How much online digital experience do you have?

5 Answers

What shift do you prefer?

4 Answers

Describe a stressful situation you improved and worked through. i.e.: how did you solve this problem, how do you deal with stress

3 Answers

They asked about specific military experience, such as any combat experience and any overseas work experience...especially in a high threat environment.

3 Answers

Are you willing to be gone two to three weeks at a time? Are you willing to travel 10-12 miles per month with 3-4 days off, prefererably 12000 miles, which included and mandatory all 48 states

4 Answers

Because your distance from our clients, will you be able to commit and arrive on-time?

3 Answers

What make/model of vehicle do you have?

3 Answers

I was challenged to accurately read a "tape measure".

2 Answers
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