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Marketing provides a lot of resources to help you promote your product. Of all the tools you are provided with, which are most important to help you reinforce your message to the doctor? What % of time on your calls do you use the following tools: Visual Aid, clinical studies, any detail aids that are on your computer?

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In my opinion, it depends on the physician type. I adapt my selling style to the physician’s. The visual aid always helps to reinforce my message to the doctor. I always, 100% have my sales aid on each of my calls. I always have my clinical studies available, but it’s not always necessary to use them on each call, unless I have an analytical physician. I have not used detail aids on my computer, because I’ve always had a hand/held PDA for electronic signatures, but I think it’s a fantastic idea, and I have seen other representatives utilize it.

My philosophy concerning supervising personnel.

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Are you willing to work on weekends? Tell me about your background in sales? Do a mock sales presentation. Do you like animals dogs and cats?

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What do you do? Walk me through a typical day in your current position?

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Why do you think you will be a good fit here and this is the opportunity for you?

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As I was well prepared for interview it wnet smoothly with no curve balls or surprising questions

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How would you generate business for our product in a hospital that does not have our drug on formulary?

1. Q-When I was asked to give an example of a difficult customer/client in which I deescalated the situation and solved the customers issues, and how did I learn from it? 2. Q-What type of Contracts would I like to relieve, what location best suites me travel wise?.

Explain a time when you had to tell a customer they were wrong?

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