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There are many contracts that must be properly calendared for anniversary dates, what do you do to keep organized? and if something is held up what do you do to keep it flowing through the pipeline timely?

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Complex contract maintenance requires much more oversight with the calendaring of several anniversary I also communicate the issue/problem with the team.

Daily spreadsheet and master tracker.

Was I able to process a signature counter signature and close out the contract process?.

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What was my experience using project management tools and which ones?

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It was a mock situation involving problems with a project team's performance and the customer's constant changing requirements. Basically, how would you handle yourself , and what would you contribute to solve the internal and external issues.

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Why do you want to work here? What is your biggest accomplishment? What has been your biggest failure? Asked some canned questions about your personality to determine what type of personality you have, i.e. type A, B, etc.

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Describe a routine which returns the set of integers in {1..100} divisible without remainder by 3 but not by 9.

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Why I was looking for a new position.

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Would I give up my current permanent, long time job for a temp position?

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If an emergency arose during the first few days of employment and your immediate supervisor was off-site and unavailable, what would you do?

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Tell us about a time when you manager told you that you were not performing up to expectations.

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