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Why did you reach the way they did not in the end or the middle. Not the beginning or the fat free length.

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It's the only one you own. You might use it when feel better when you get home. I have a friend in town, he's heard your name.

Get along.Clean this mess up else we'll all end up in jail Those test tubes and the scale Just get them all out of here Is there gas in the car Yes, there's gas in the car I think the people down the hall Know who you are

Bodhisattva I'm gonna sell my house in town And I'll be there To shine in your Japan To sparkle in your China Yes I'll be there

Some of the behavioral questions were about: 1) brief self-introduction 2) Explain each experience listed on resume. 3) What if you give you customer wrong information. 4) Handle with several projects at the same time. 4) Have different opinions with your leader. 5) Conflicts with team members/colleagues. Some of the technical questions were about: 1) What's the difference between classic control and modern control. 2) What's the condition for a system to be stable. What will happen if it gets unstable. 3) Give a rough design of a cruise control system. 4) What is a vector table in microcontroller programming? 5) How does an interrupt work. 6) Describe the way a sensor works in your project.

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What do you like to do in your spare time?

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What was your favorite class?

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Do you see yourself going more technical first or do you want to go towards managment?

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Do you know object oriented matlab?

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When the customer report something wrong with your product, how do you find the problem?

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Was asked about ladder logic, PLCs, feedback loop, and other topics. Also, I was given a brief description of the job, and soon after was asked very technical questions about how what I had learned in school could be applied to this job specially.

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Tell me more about your previous work experience?

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What do you think is important for a successful project.

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