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What is your experience with PLC programming and PLC troubleshooting

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I shared my experiences from the past answering in detail about the work I have done with PLC and troubleshooting. I gave instances for each experience I shared, where I faced problems, and how I tackled it with a properly designed approach.

You are in a facility and saw that the area is unsafe, but the facility personnel said that it's ok to proceed. What do you do? If supervisor/manager was not available, how would you proceed? Name a time when you took shortcuts to complete a problem. How would previous employers rate my ability to suggest improvements? You saw someone sleeping on the job, what do you do? You're on a plane, you forget your PPE, what do you do? You're getting ready to leave for the day, phone rings, someone calls for immediate support, what do you do? Name something you did that help save company money. What would your past supervisors say about you? (We will call them to confirm.) A co-worker likes to compain, complains to you, what do you do? You go to a jobsite, someone there talks like an expert and being persistent, what do you do? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are the reasons for leaving the last three employers?

Basic working of VFD motors

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The technical questions weren't difficult. The greatest challenge came from being asked to give examples of where I used specific leadership principles (they provide each principle) in previous job situations. I was fortunate that my recruiter provided me with an outline of how I could expect the interview to go. I studied a textbook for the technical part, and studied Amazon history, leadership principles, and culture.

Basic Electrical Questions (3 Phase Motor) HMI worked with, Troubleshooting skills and PLC you woke with?

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