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A study has a quota of 200. If you can expect 80% of you sample to recovery in 6 days, how many pieces of sample will need to be added to the study in order to reach quota in 6 days.

4 Answers


I think the correct answer would be "50" because they ask how many pieces will need to be added.

80% of 200 is 160 so would it be 40 that is needed?

What is a 1572?

2 Answers

How I would handle managers or employees who went against company policy.

1 Answer

How would you handle multiple projects at once?

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What would you do if a customer cursed you out during a inbound call.

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Would you prefer to have 1) a task with given "step-by-step" completion recommendations or 2) just an overall goal that you have to accomplish, and if you stay within the area of allowed actions - you are good, so you can decide in which way you are going to accomplish the goal.

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If you had a call that needed to be transferred to a supervisor but all of them were on the phone so you would have to handle the call and resolve the issue yourself. How would you handle this?

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How would you handle a big mistake you had made?

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How would you communicate to team members that a deadline was approaching and they had to have their materials ready in time?

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How can I handle a multi-task situation

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