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Copywriter Interview Questions

"When you interview with an ad agency or other business for a copywriting position, the interviewer will ask questions that will determine whether you have the writing skills and advertising knowledge to write material that will help the the agency's clients sell their products. Prepare to present samples of your work and describe the techniques you used to make your material appeal to its target audience. You may be asked situational questions such as how you would use different forms of media to increase the appeal of a product to a range of consumers."

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If given an article you write, how do you go about gathering research for the article?

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I told them I take a three-pronged approach: First I gather information from SME's (Subject Matter Experts) at my company who may have first-hand knowledge of the subject. Second I'll call SME's outside of my company who I may have worked with or who may have a relationship with my company. Third, I'll go to the internet and use sources such as wikipedia or do a Google search on the subject matter.

Do you prefer business or product style writing?

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Can you name a time when you've created a campaign across multiple forms of media? If so, please describe the process.

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Tell me about the most difficult project you've worked on, and what outcome was.

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If you could start a business what would it be? What types of publications do you read? Can you handle the pace of a start up?

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Past experience, why I was looking to leave my current position

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Why did you leave your last job?

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What competencies were important to me as a marketing writer?

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I was asked for samples of my long-form and short-form writing samples, and I wasn't sure which kind would be preferred for the particular job description at the time.

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Please rewrite this ad for this product.

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