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Copywriter Interview Questions

"When you interview with an ad agency or other business for a copywriting position, the interviewer will ask questions that will determine whether you have the writing skills and advertising knowledge to write material that will help the the agency's clients sell their products. Prepare to present samples of your work and describe the techniques you used to make your material appeal to its target audience. You may be asked situational questions such as how you would use different forms of media to increase the appeal of a product to a range of consumers."

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What was one thing you wish you could have done in your last position? What was one thing you disliked about your previous boss? How do you usually handle writer's block?

What book are you reading right now?

What did you do at your most recent internship? What did you like about it?

Where/How do you keep up to date with creative advertising?

Describe yourself in so many words, which I thought was a good interview question.

What do you do when an interview is difficult? (Such as with a SME or customer ...)

Tell us about yourself and previous employment. What type of projects do you enjoy?

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