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How will you debug a memory leak in a huge C program?....i.e memory allocation is failing and you are given the task of debuging..

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Gave a approach where we increment a counter everytime we do a malloc and decrement a counter everytime we free the memory...but this was not what the interviewer was looking for.

None in particular. Just be ready for brain teasers, and know your stuff.

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Solve the 8 queen problem. Place 8 queens on a 8x8 chess board so that they don't kill each other.

Overall experience in Capital Mkts

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Nothing super difficult. Mostly just your standard algorithm questions, which did include some recursion.

The questions were straightforward. Find anagrams, design question, a general riddle. They provided me with hints whenever I was stuck.

Technical question were quite basic now that I think of it. One question asking me to use one single SQL query to retrieve information from two related tables given only one key information was something I did not prepared for since I only have very basic knowledge of it and have not used it for a while. The technical interviewer kindly informed me that I could use join table technique.

write a C code by which you can determine the size of L1 cache?

how to reverse a link list without recursion?

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