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Describe a time you motivated someone outside of school? Assume you're given 3 days to do a task you know takes a week (5 days) to do, how do you finish the task?

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You can't.

What would you do if the project you were in charge of which had part components to be assembled arrived later than expected?

1. Tell me about you design project. 2. Tell me about a time you used your engineering knowledge to solve a problem outside of school. 3. Tell me about a time when you were in a difficult situation. How did you handle it? 4. Tell me how you would learn something in 5 days.

"What school projects have you done and what was the outcome?"

Describe a time in which you used a skill you learned in school to solve a problem out of school.

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Have you had any conflicts with co-workers, and if so how did you handle them

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What are the variables/parameters that can affect the CMP Process ?

Tell us about a time you worked and a group but failed and how you dealt with the failure.

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