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The Intuitive Group
Corporate Trainer was asked...February 13, 2013

If you are in charge of 30 people and there were 5 that were doing really well, 10 that were mediocre and 5 that were just not doing their job and not putting in any effort, how would you effectively better the situation?

4 Answers

I would have one on one with the 5 not doing their jobs and trying to determine if the reason they are not performing well had to do with them needing additional training or guidance before making a decision of firing them. Next I would have one on one with the 10 mediocre employees and find ways to motivate them to want to do better or see if them too need additional training or guidance. I would also have one on one with the 5 doing well to praise them for doing well and to show them their hard work is acknowledged and recognized. Less

I would find my last 10 employees :)

I would figure out the 'WIIFMs' for the 5 not putting in effort, and come up with a POA for them in a one-o-one session. Make the 5 good ones take some responsibility for the 10 mediocre associates, which would inculcate peer learning and inter- team interactions. Less

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Taycor Financial

Using what we have used to define sales, give me an example of a situation in which you have had to use collaborative selling? What made the situation difficult and what was successful about it?

1 Answers

This was one of the more difficult questions asked, for I do not have a lot of experience in sales jobs. However, having helped my family build and create a business from the start, marketing and sales tactics were necessary in gaining loyal clientele in order to operate the business. With that being said, I was not unfamiliar with the idea of collaborative selling, and was able to explain various situations when collaboration was necessary in order to maintain business in the long term. Less

Putnam Investments

Tell me a situation or time when you were able to save the company money by lowering a tax expense at your last job.

1 Answers

My last company was paying a lot in gross receipts tax for the state of Washington. I did a lot of research and found a way to apportion sales differently and saved the company 500K in tax expense for one year. Less


What kind of skills or experience do you have? What types of presentation software are you familiar with?

1 Answers

I interned with a consulting company for a year, and part of their consulting process was to give presentations to the employees on what we came to accomplish and what they can learn from it. This taught me a lot about how to give presentations. I became proficient in Powerpoint during the internship. Less


What is your opinion of including social media in the overall communications process?

1 Answers

It is important to be sure that you select the most appropriate social media vehicle as opposed to just "doing social media for the sake of doing social media." Less

Would you rate face to face, blended or computer based training the best? Why and where specifically have you used each in sales training, leadership development, and customer service training?

1 Answers

I would rate blended training the best because it allows you to be flexible by letting you teach the more difficult material in class and save the easier material for the computer, where employees can go at their own pace. Less


Why Apple??

22 Answers

Work famous number one multi national mobile phone company

Apple is that best

I loved

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Al-Futtaim Group

Past Experience

20 Answers

Sales indoor

Three years experience in mechanical q inspector gadget

I have lots of learn past experienced. Bcz i m very struggle in my life. I m thankful to all of company whenever i m working. I hope if u give me chance than i can prof. Less

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Qatar Airways

Why Qatar Airways ? Why Doha?

9 Answers

Ilove qathar and i would like to join qatar airways because safejob in qatar airways Less

nice than ilike it

Is there anyone who gave interview on March 2019 at Mumbai Hilton hotel????

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National Oilwell Varco

What do you do on a day to day basis?

9 Answers

Based on my routine job, First of all, I have to check out all the email and queries come to my desk. Order today's work schedule and plant for collecting regarding database and related standards. Cross check every. True points. If it's testing or documents My majority of work behaviour is Quality Control / Quality Assurance, documentation and significant understanding of the standards and Specifications, which belongs to the manufacturing criteria. Laboratory Testing, analyzing and Laboratory skills. Water Distillation Units, waste water Plants and raw water analyzing, Optical emission Spectrometers, TGA Q50, DSC and FTIR, etc, Physical Testing and Calibration measuring of Hardness, Strength, and other Disintegration testes, GC, Karl Fischer titration, Spectroscopy, and FTIR like identification test. Trained in OOS (Out of specification) investigation and preparing related documents. Maintaining records of all laboratory instruments and chemicals, according to SOP’s. Manage and deals customer s and other third party inspectors from factory inspection. Ensure health and safety of all subordinates and other Co staffs. . Responsible to handle and distributing of MTR’s (material Trial Request) and approval of GRN’s based on the tests, (goods received not) Less

Seeking for job

First and foremost start my day with checking my email and what are the things happens when I am not there in office I will get knowledge about that Less

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