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Corporate Accounting Interview Questions


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What analytical skill sets do you have?

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I have worked with accounting systems in former jobs, and am proficient with Excel and other computer productivity packages. As an MBA, I was trained to analyze data from a strategic, company-oriented perspective.

Being that you are coming in from another field, are you interested in making this a long-term career move?

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What is your passion?

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How many golf balls does it take to fill something up?

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So tell me about yourself

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Do you have any experience with SQL or VBA Macro building?

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No specific question... "general information on your accounting background, what you know about the company and how you fit into the role" - kind of questions.

Why are you applying for this role, what makes you think you're a good fit?

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Share a real life experience that you were looked as a team leader?

Behavioral questions following the STAR interviewing method. I recommend searching what it is and using this method for each behavioral question.

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