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"Company A with a market cap of $25B announces a $5B stock buy-back program. How would the CDS on Company A react?"

3 Answers


Is this correct? A stock buyback with reduce cash and equity, which increase the leverage ratio. That would increase the CDS spread.

Yorkville seems right. Leverage goes up and there is less cash now. Higher risk of default leads to higher risk premium --> higher cds spread

There are 7 balls - of which 6 are identical, one weighs slightly less. You have a two sided scale (like Lady Justice's) that you can use just twice. How do you find the odd ball?

2 Answers

What is the most important thing to look at when determining whether or not to loan to a company?

2 Answers

How would you value X company? Calculate FCF, working capital, enterprise value, etc. Does anything strike you as odd about these financial statements? Which? Why?

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Write an analysis of "What is the biggest most significant consumer trend, why is it important, and what are the implications for Belkin?"

1 Answer

How much would you charge to rent out Central Park for a night?

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Case study and puzzle

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Tell me details of current position that you are applying for.

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Do you have experience calling on Fortune 500 companies?

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The accounting balance sheet question. The interviewer sprung it mid conversation and it definitely caught me off guard.

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