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What is the most important thing to look at when determining whether or not to loan to a company?

2 Answers


Cashflow to firm, to be exact. This is applicable for a vanilla senior-secured or unsecured.

What was the worst grade you got in college and what class was it in?

1 Answer

Explain the financial statements.

1 Answer

Implement list comprehension in Python. (Assume they are simple ones-nothing fancy)

1 Answer

Implement a deadlock in any programming language.

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Given a list and bucket size, write an algorithm which returns a list of lists each of which contains [bucket size] number of items. It's not guaranteed that the bucket size will evenly divide into the length of the list. How can you unit test this? What are the base/edge cases?

1 Answer

1) "Describe how a recession would impact the balance sheet of a manufacturing company" 2) How would a decrease in net income affect a company's 3 financial statements"

1 Answer

"Why would a company issue debt instead of equity?"

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2 eggs and a building problem. A building has height n and you have 2 eggs. At a certain floor N, an egg dropped from this floor will break. Find a strategy to find the floor N at which eggs will start breaking, while minimizing the number of drops. Note that the key is that you have 2 eggs.

1 Answer

Estimate the revenue of Starbucks

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