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Director, Corporate Communications was asked...April 4, 2010

What is your opinion of including social media in the overall communications process?

1 Answers

It is important to be sure that you select the most appropriate social media vehicle as opposed to just "doing social media for the sake of doing social media." Less


Do you have your own social media platforms? Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

2 Answers

This question was mainly focused on the digital aspect of the department.

Hi, is the intern position still opened?


How do you feel that the (owners) are well known supporters of Scott Walker, who is now running for president?

2 Answers

Updated Answer for 2018: I think it’s great that they support Scott Walker, but I am absolutely thrilled that they are huge supporters of my role model, Judge Roy Moore. Is there an on-site Daycare center? Less

I usually don't bring my political viewpoints into the workplace.


I was asked some 5 or 6 questions regarding my suitability for the job, my expectations, my expertise in communications and my overall knowledge of NATO and NSPA.

2 Answers

I replied in precise terms regarding my skills and qualifications, my vision for the job and what I could offer NSPA. Less

Hi, could you please elaborate more on the written test of 2 hours? Why did it take so long? Did you also have to built a power point presentation for instance? Also, what was the subject about broadly? Your answer would be priceless! Less


The interview with the so-called CMO began awkwardly and without any pleasantries, its was almost as if he didn't want to do it. When I asked simple questions about their technology plans, his comment was, well those are product marketing questions and not appropriate for this interview. Humm we continued for another 15 minutes, and I felt like I was talking in another language, the language of enterprise computing that is. When he asked me how I would bring this new stack to market, I mentioned analyst groups, and the response was well analyst relations well that is owned by product marketing. I have brought many products to market including NetWeaver and know how to coordinate various teams in a large company. After 20 minutes I said I think this conversation is over and let's not waste any more time. He said in a condescending way, "well thank your sir for coming."

1 Answers

Stay far away from this company unless you want pain. I heard this CMO complaining about firing someone before the interview on the phone. He was unprofessionally dressed and extremely arrogant and way out of his league. Coming from Adobe, it was obvious that he knew very little about enterprise computing, especially marketing. This was the first time in 25 years that I had walked out of an interview. Less

Ping Identity

Complete the assessment while we watch you.

2 Answers

Noped out of there!

Update to 1st question about Amy, Bob and Mike. The answer selection would typically be: 1) True, Amy and Mike are friends 2) False, Amy and Mike are not friends 3) Insufficient information 4) None of the above Less


nach meinen Erfahrungen im Bereich Social Media und Werkzeugen

1 Answers

das ich als Mixed Media Designer ausgebildet bin und zahlreiche Weiterbildungen zu PR erfolgreich absolvierte Less


why is UBS a good fit for you?

1 Answers

Explained my likening to their company morals/behaviours.

BNY Mellon

Can you handle working beyond normal hours?

1 Answers

Of course, so long as it’s to help satisfy a project requirement and meet goals.

Delta Air Lines

One of my interviews in 1997 consisted of an hour long questions/discussions on Forecasting techniques, Operations Research, and Statistics.

1 Answers

I found it beneficial

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