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there was no phone screen, you have to type your answers in a word file that they email you and ask to get it back within a day

I was generally tested on my understanding of corporate development.

Question in the Business Case: "Here is additional data, does this data strengthen or change your recommendation?"

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Discuss obstacles/problems you've had to deal with in the workplace and what you did to solve/overcome them.

Q: "Walk me through XX deal you worked on last year. What was your role? What was long term goal of doing the deal? How did you and your team think about financing?"

First round: 5-8 behavioral questions. They just want to understand your past experiences and personality, strengths, how you work on teams, leadership roles you've played, and so on Second round: It's a case study, but not like one given by McKinsey or Bain. With this interview, you're given all the data up-front. It's a 10-15 page case. Your job is to figure out the main problem and how to resolve it. They put you in a room on your own where you'll have 15-30 min. to read and prepare it.

Analyze the current market for a particular insurance product and come up with a suggestion as to enter or not enter this market (and if yes, how).

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