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FTI Consulting
Corporate FInance/Restructuring Consultant was asked...October 5, 2017

If I had an analog watch and the time read 3:00 PM, and I wound the clock forward to 1 hour and 5 minutes, would the angle between the minute and hour hands be the same or not?

4 Answers

No it won’t. At 3pm it is 90 degrees where as at 4:05 it is slightly more than 90 degrees Less

Shouldn't the question be worded, "...wound the clock forward BY 1 hour and five minutes..."? Less

92.5 degrees

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How would you value X company? Calculate FCF, working capital, enterprise value, etc. Does anything strike you as odd about these financial statements? Which? Why?

2 Answers

For FCF ... assuming FCF to the firm, i.e. FCFF, I think the "interest paid" needs to be added back. Working capital, depending upon data given, narrowed down to (Inventories + A/c Receivables - A/c Payables). Less

DCF, transaction comps, trading comps. FCF= NI +D/A -change in net working capital -capex. Working capital = current assets- current liabilities. Enterprise value = market cap + debt - cash + minority interest/pref shares. Less


What are some common financial ratios used in deal valuation

2 Answers

Hi, thanks for shared! Can I know how long HR got back to you after the last interview was done? Less

Hi, thanks for sharing. Could you share how long the HR got back to you after the last interview? Thanks Less

Deutsche Bank

How do you know how much debt a company can take on?

2 Answers

endless debt thats how u f*cked the world deutsche

What did the case study entail? 3 statement model, DCF or a recommendation? Thank you in advance Less


If given $100 to invest today and you earn 10% the first year, and then reinvest all the money and lose 10% the next year, do you end up with a gain or a loss?

2 Answers


you have a loss by 1 Rupee

Nomura Holdings

What do you want to do in the future? What do you see yourself doing in the future?

2 Answers

I said I had interest in finance and investing, so I said that I wanted to do stuff related to IB and trading. Less

Why not tell them you "want to do stuff related to finance and investing"?

J.P. Morgan

Duration? Convexity? Collatralization? Credit Default Swaps? Securitisation?

2 Answers

Which staffing agency did you approach?

I was 100% clear on all my answers..:-) I knew all the concepts very well and flaried through he first round quite smoothly. Less

How would you finance an NPA asset.?

1 Answers

Explained the mechanics of restructure proposals and rehabilitation process.


With the current Covid-19 situation happening in Hong Kong, what was the biggest change for you during the beginning of this year until now?

1 Answers

What are your future plans in terms of career development?


Why Interbank?

1 Answers

It is the fastest growing Group in Peru and there will be opportunities for top performers at the bank or affiliate businesses. Less

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