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Corporate Finance Interview Questions


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What do you want to do in the future? What do you see yourself doing in the future?

2 Answers

I said I had interest in finance and investing, so I said that I wanted to do stuff related to IB and trading.

Why not tell them you "want to do stuff related to finance and investing"?

Walk me through a Discounted Cash Flow.

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How would you value X company? Calculate FCF, working capital, enterprise value, etc. Does anything strike you as odd about these financial statements? Which? Why?

2 Answers

What is title insurance?

1 Answer

Tell me a stretch goal.

1 Answer

Define corporate finance.

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What's your experience with financial modeling. What projects have you been involved before?

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Basic behavioral, why you want to apply for the position, etc.

Problem on white board regarding percentage of completions of projects based month to month

What are the pros and cons to each valuation method.

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