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Behavioral questions.

2 Answers

Do you tell them what they want to hear, or the truth?

What they want

Q) I see that you're more qualified for another role. How does that sound?

1 Answer

Why should I hire you???

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If you were competing in any sort of competition, what sort would you be sure to win?

I was asked the typical questions: what I have done in my prior roles and why I am looking for a new job. I was also given a couple simple situation questions. Nothing too difficult.

The questions started with : "Tell me about a time [ specific scenario] ..."

With each interview, they asked what questions or concerns I had.

Other questions related to past experience. Mostly scenario based.

Nothing too difficult or unexpected. Just make sure to research the company and know about the business.

Didn't really ask me anything, just described the job and downgraded the position when speaking in person. Referred to the position as a "junior" level position.

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