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Corporate Office Position Interview Questions


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Q) I see that you're more qualified for another role. How does that sound?

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Q) Is that role available? A) "Well, we already have those roles filled."

I was asked the typical questions: what I have done in my prior roles and why I am looking for a new job. I was also given a couple simple situation questions. Nothing too difficult.

None of the questions were overly hard. Standard interview questions.

Pretty traditional questions on what I did in my past roles

With each interview, they asked what questions or concerns I had.

More conversational in nature, as opposed to a rigid interview.

How much do you know about merchandising, computers, etc?

How do you adapt when working in an environment where you could easily become frustrated because of severe micromanagement?

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There is no clear career path in this department, are you okay with staying in this role for a few years with no promises of potential raise or promotions?

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