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Miller Thomson
Senior Corporate Paralegal was asked...October 18, 2017

When working on a corporate file, what do you do first?

2 Answers

Review the articles, notice of article and any substantive contracts regarding the company (like shareholders agreements). Less

Confirm company details such as address , name, contact or reason for working with file are matche information provided on internal system. Less

Gibson Dunn & Crutcher

What's your current salary.

2 Answers

I gave a range

Current salary 0.


The most difficult question was why didn't I want to take the taped pre-interview interview.

2 Answers

I am uncomfortable being audio and video taped.

Found excellent read:


Tell me about yourself?

1 Answers

Explained my recent accomplishments and my positive attitude to strive in difficult situations. Less

Affordable Care

Do you require very specific direction to perform your work duties?

1 Answers

I am capable of working independently without the need for constant direction. I likely will have the usual learning curve of new processes, but I am a fast learner. Once I have the processes down, I will be efficient and productive. However, I am not afraid to ask a question if I get stuck or I am not sure how to proceed. Less

Blue Raven Solar

What is your experience with litigation? What type of civil law are you familiar with?

1 Answers

I would focus my answers on my experience.


Why did I want to work for Bird?

1 Answers

I mentioned my love for urban culture, scooters, ease of accessibility and clean-air focus. Less


Do you prefer Litigation or Corporate law?

1 Answers

I like both sectors, but I have a stronger preference with Financials, Corporate and Compliance. Less

Heartland Dental

Tell me about your experience.

1 Answers

Gave a list of previous work experience.


No difficult questions, only redundant ones.

1 Answers

Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

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