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What do you know about Westlake Financial?

2 Answers

My answer: "You are a sub-prime auto lender." What I was really thinking was "You're a disgusting, money-hungry company that makes money off of exploiting desperate people. To work here, I would have to smoke weed every morning just to ease my conscience about working at a place like this. I'm sure there is a special place in hell for especially the upper management staff that works here."

Nothing, because if I did, I wouldn't be applying.

Present business opportunities that Hyatt is currently not taking advantage of.

1 Answer

Do you have [name to remain anonymous]'s phone number?

1 Answer

Am I willing to work overtime.

1 Answer

Lots of general questions comparing my current responsibilities and how they would align with job description.

1 Answer

Q) I see that you're more qualified for another role. How does that sound?

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Would you consider learning how to build a website?

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Why do you want to work here? How do you handle difficult situations? What is your management style?

I was asked the typical questions: what I have done in my prior roles and why I am looking for a new job. I was also given a couple simple situation questions. Nothing too difficult.

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