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There are really no curve-ball questions. On the phone interview I was asked what kitchen utensil I would be but I think this is just to gauge how fast you react to a strange question.

Asked about territory/prospecting plans and hypothetical sales scenarios, role plays, why you want to do sales, why Seamless/Grubhub

They were making questions up as they went along. Nothing was prepare. I didn't feel important.

1. What are the key themes in your career that has been a contributor for success? 2. What are you strongest personality traits? 3. Walk me through a deal cycle from beginning to end? 4. How comfortable are you closing in 30-45 day cycles? 5. What excites you the most about Bitly and the product? Why Bitly? 6. What are you looking for in your career long term?

None...everything was very mediocre. There was a role-playing exercise where I pretended to sell Marcus Evans "product" (which is a very ambiguous and shady thing to begin with).

Probably just being nervous about getting on the phones for the first time.

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