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EBay has been very successful. What if the medical profession were to adopt the same model?

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It would allow for competition in pricing in the medical field...something that doesn't exist right now. You could compare prices and have Doctors/Health Care facilities do the work. Competition drives down prices and creates transparency, something I think would be fantastic in the health care industry. This could also work for health insurance companies, bidding to the employer and or individual with best coverage for best rates. Even though prices would be lower, the quantity would be greater, thus equaling it out and letting patients have some money in their pockets to spend on other necessities.

Describe a time where you foresaw complications and took initiative?

Break even analysis with percentages of customers and different % of revenue/cost for each.

Phone: What is the greatest challenge Disney faces and how can it be addressed?

Two case studies. They are exhibit style case studies. Sort of similar to what you might see at the strategy consulting firms. But a bit less rigorous. And they’re obviously retail focused.

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