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Corporate Strategy Director Interview Questions


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You have a lot of experience would a Senior Director opportunity be below what you're looking for.

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This surprised me as I haven't had a director titel on my CV (except at a bank where I was an AVP)

What are some markets do you think HPQ should invest in or disrupt?

what are your weaknesses and how did that affect your past job performance

Explain my experience working in situations where others were entrenched and unwilling to move from their position but I had a different view of what was needed to move forward.

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Pretty usual Corp. strategy case studies. The questions were mostly real projects that the team had worked on in the past. So they give you a good view into the type of projects you will be working on. Examples are Go To Market assessment, Pricing Strategy, Business Model assessment (e.g. Subscription vs. License perpetual). If you have been in corp strategy or consulting and can explain your though process you'll do just fine.

What's the "next big" market area or venture MSFT should get into? And why?

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What is your view and opinion of the competitive landscape in [insert: vertical]? How and why does it impact MSFT's products and revenue streams?

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