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Why would you quit TFA?

2 Answers

Once I take on an assignment, I complete it no matter how challenging it is. I overcome my difficulties in any task by persevering and trying every option until I succeed. I've learned not to give up in difficult situations.

If my good intentions are doing more harm than good.

One scenario asked us to choose between closing a school and or laying off teachers. In a fish bowl setting, interviewers watched us figure out this scenario in a group and present to everyone else.

1 Answer

Have you ever had to work with a boss you didn't get a long with?

1 Answer

Most Unexpected: Why did you drop a specific course in college?

1 Answer

Explain how you stay organized

1 Answer

Probably, when they asked to look at my planner to see my time management skills.

1 Answer

Am i willing to work under hard conditions?

1 Answer

They have a program called Camp City Year which corps members plan and implement and they asked how I could enhance that program.

1 Answer

Describe a time you had difficulty with a team mate.

1 Answer

The interviewers create a scenario and the interviewee is expected to take on the role of a teacher who is bargaining with his/her principal for classroom materials.

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