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If you had an inmate who started to have a siezure, two who started fighting, and one who decided to try and scale the fence and run, what would you do?

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I would attend to the individual who was having the siezure first by calling for medical back up. I would then call for back-up and attempt to break up the 2 individuals fighting. The one scaling the fence, he got hung up on the barbed wire so, he gets to hang there until my back-up and I can get to him.

I can't even tell you how wrong that answer is!

If you choose to give 'feedback', at least make it constructive by sharing some of your own words of wisdom as to why you feel the answer was "wrong" or incorrect. Simply by making a statement such as yours shows your lack of professionalism.

If you could shoot an inmate.

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If a inmate grabbed you near the exit with a knife to your throat what would you do?

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Is it anything to study for or anything online i can use as a reference. Any advice will be greatly appreciated

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Why do you want to work as a correctional officer

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How would you handle a fight breaking out in the yard?

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If the CO in charge was being beaten in the courtyard what would you do. The tricky part is that you should do nothing until another CO arrives on scene. You can call for backup and radio it in, but the dept has a policy, at least two officers.

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Would you be able to shoot an inmate to prevent his/her escape?

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If you was doing a cell search and you dropped an inmate radio and broke it and the inmate seen it what should you do?

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Why did you apply for this job?

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