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Why are you a Democrat/Republican.

1 Answer

Don't answer this questions with something like "because my parents were" or "I like where they stand on .... issues". Those are not reasons. The are looking for an answer that means you understand the historic and political underpinnings of the party.

What tourist attraction do you most want to visit while in DC?

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What is X Senator's position on X and what did they say about it today in the New York Times?

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What was the year, title, and location of Winston Churchill's speech in which he used the term "Iron Curtain" to describe the Soviet Union's takeover of Central and Eastern European satellite states?

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What outlets do you consult to get informed?

1 Answer

be sure you can explain how you are able to explain difficult concepts in lay terms.

There were a lot of questions regarding my past employer's policies on handling errors, absences, tardiness, etc, which I did not know how to answer well since my past employer was a much less formal place to work.

What experience can you bring working directly with the defense industry and veterans?

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