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Cosmetics Sales Associate Interview Questions


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Why do you want to work in Cosmetics? Give an example of a time you successfully sold a service or an idea. Do you have a problem with touching complete strangers. Give an example of a time when you worked on a team. How would you keep customers coming back to you at Macy's when they can buy make-up at 100 different places.

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Tell me a time when you took action and control over a project?

My did you choose to apply to Macy's?

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Where have you previously worked? Why did you leave your last employer? What are your strengths? Weakness? What could you bring to this position if hired?

How would you get a customer to sign up for a Macys card?

How would you handle a difficult situation?

"Tell me about a time when..." Expect situation questions.

Have I ever dealt with a difficult coworker?

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What is more important : details or the overall picture?

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