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So you're a NINTH YEAR ASSOCIATE? *scornful laugh* How does that even work? So how on earth would you ever commute from Palo Alto to Santa Clara?

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"Without using 'buzzwords' that plague psychology texts, describe what you believe is the most important aspect of the therapeutic process?"

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"What would you do if a patient began discussing active suicidal thoughts/intentions within the context of a group therapy session?"

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Why are you ready to leave a law firm?

Why do you want to work for GA Telesis

Not really a question, the most unexpected part of the interview was the way the panel was completed. First you talk to the HR department then with the people you would work with and finally the people you work for.

Generic - why are you interested in the company? Why would you be a match with our company culture?

They gave me a hypo about passing a bill when we were up against deadline and it was too late to do a gut and amend.

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