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What would you do if an employee failed to meet brand expectations in performance?

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1) Because oftentimes I've found that employees do not come to their managers or supervisors about issues because of intimidation or fear of unfair treatment as a result, my first step would be to pull the employee aside after a shift for a heart to heart. I put a lot of value in knowing my employees and enough of what's going on in their lives that affects their work performance, so if this was actually an issue, I would want them to know that I was noticing their struggle and that I was willing to help them however I could to get them through it. If this meant shifting hours, or be more along the lines of a confidante and just needing to talk, I would be open and accommodating to whatever extent I reasonably could. The primary focus here is addressing that there is an issue, and that I want to enable them to overcome whatever obstacles they are facing in order for them to succeed again in their position. 2) If little or no improvement is made, this is when I would put on my proverbial manager hat and notify my vendor rep (my boss) of the issue if they were not already aware. At this point the issue requires resolution, or at least an earnest effort toward helping the employee return to brand expectations. The employee would be again pulled aside and be advised that I had not noticed enough improvement and they would be placed in a probationary period during which they will be retrained and closely supervised for x-weeks or until their performance returned to expectations. 3) If the employee fails to improve after the probationary period, with the approval of my vendor rep and department manager, I would begin procedures to let the employee go and find a new team member who will uphold the brand image and expectations. The vendor seemed to like my answer, but she was difficult to read overall.

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Have you ever held a position where you had to withhold confidential information? If so, what was that information and how did you keep it private?

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The most difficult question was how do you respond to a very difficult client.

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Mostly asked about experience with sales, cosmetics and leading a team.

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Can you increase the volume of the counter $1000000... and without willing to give you any statistics or information.

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Do you know who CT is?

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Interview was very generic. The interviewer read the questions straight off of the paper. She never inquired about my resume.

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Do you like frequent breaks?

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Tell me about yourself? Why Nordstrom? Tell me about a time with an unhappy customer, and how you dealt with it?

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How are your skills opening charge accounts

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