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In order to assess my leadership style they asked me how I would change a door nob.

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I answered that since they were interviewing for an executive role, I would coach the person who was responsible for the job.

How much is 20% of 120? How much is 1/3 of 260? What could be some of the reasons our product may have a quick drop in comparison to a competitor during some seasons of the year?

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General personality questions about the resume and questions about Indeed

What do you want out of this job?

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How would you introduce Hotel Tonight in your home country? What would be your priorities? List them and how would you do it?

Question to test logic - If Indeed was in charge of all the jobs/job postings in Paraguay, how many jobs would we be posting every day?

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They asked me a lot about my experience. Why I was interested in being part of their team?

Why would we hire you? Do you know what a bid request is?

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