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In order to assess my leadership style they asked me how I would change a door nob.

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I answered that since they were interviewing for an executive role, I would coach the person who was responsible for the job.

How much is 20% of 120? How much is 1/3 of 260? What could be some of the reasons our product may have a quick drop in comparison to a competitor during some seasons of the year?

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Question to test logic - If Indeed was in charge of all the jobs/job postings in Paraguay, how many jobs would we be posting every day?

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WHat is indeed`s biggest flaw and how they can improve?

Sometimes we have customers from foriegn countries come in. Sometimes it may be hard to understand them. How would you help them find an item they want?

Tell me about a time when you had to resolve a disagreement between your subordinates.

General personality questions about the resume and questions about Indeed

How would you introduce Hotel Tonight in your home country? What would be your priorities? List them and how would you do it?

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