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CPA was asked...September 20, 2018

Do you like working with kids?

1 Answers

Yes, i do. I like helping people and working with coworkers in order to help kids Less

Haddox Reid CPAs & Advisors
CPA was asked...June 9, 2015

They wanted to know my experience and we discussed this and my previous employments

1 Answers

I told them about my experience and my education

CPA was asked...August 29, 2019

Work History

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Clinical Knowledge

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Tell me about yourself A follow-up question of my answer to " tell me about your self". I said that I like playing table tennis. The interviewer asked me how do I play table tennis? Why do you choose MNP? Why did you choose accounting? Why did you choose MMPA?

1 Answers

I mentioned MNP's entrepreneurial spirit.

Bell Canada

No particularly difficult questions, just simple behavioral questions.

1 Answers

What questions should I expect on the webcam interview? Thanks

CPA was asked...July 27, 2011

why do you want to work at W&M

1 Answers


Really Easy no questions at all just have families lnformation and be ready to play her fraud game but you won't know that you are doing it until you are getting questions by the health care people dont do it she is a liar and a thief

1 Answers

There was no interview just have family information and ready to play her game in the Medicaid program fraud if not she will lie and say that she dropped you and ur family member to make herself like ok good and to keep from paying you Less

Prager Metis CPAs

Wanted to know about my relevant experiences

1 Answers

Discussed my background

Horvitz & Levy
CPA was asked...October 1, 2019

General questions experiences in the past etc.

1 Answers

Basically the firm looks like it is operating in 1995 paper more paper and more paper. Some of these older CPA firms need to get in step with technology; just because you have a computer lol. Scan documents go paperless. I decided I had no interest in this firm. Less

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