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If you have worked in the field, none of the questions should come across as difficult. All common knowledge in the Clinical Research world.

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This was not at all helpful. Of course all questions are common knowledge to those who are already in the field. Why bother posting this?

If you are interviewing for a CRA II position then you are expected to have 3-5 yrs of monitoring experience. Read the description of the interview process for more "help"; better idea, interview for a job that you are qualified for.

I second the first person. No company hires people who are educated bachelors/masters without experience. you need to work to get experience.

Are you a team player? explain with your past experience

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what is the most important ghp document in your opinion?

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What are your work goals?

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How would you handle a difficult PI? What is a SAE? Components of ICF? How do you deal with unsigned HIPPA forms of subjects.

Favorite part of your job

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Explain GCP. What makes you a strong CRA? Explain what you would do at a interim monitoring visit.

Where will you be in 5 years from now

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Why Alcon, why should we hire you

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