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1. Limited time on site, say 3 hours, what would you do. 2. What is done at an average visit...make sure to include meeting with coordinator and PI 3. How to increase contacts with the PI, or handle a very busy PI. 4. Finished early...asked if any extra structure, whether using CTMS--they use Inform and CTMS, except for a few old studies where -oh no Lotus notes are used. So don't say anything about not liking Lotus notes, though no one does.

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1. ICF/consent form review, I/E criteria review, Safety review-for SAE, or incomplete SAE from prior visit. 2. SDV, Scr/Enr, AE/SAE, Queries, Action items, Regulatory-mentioned a few essential documents, Pharmacy, Meet with SC and PI. Asked more detail about Accountability-Temptale monitor shipments, lot numbers vs batch no, count in fridge or freezer being complete, correct and accurate vs dosing log, storage, any old issues concerning quarantine, shipments or supplies, reorder supplies if necessary. 3. Set up separate meetings, such as through text message, Iphone, or Webex; approach other staff to set up meetings, such as Subinvestigators, and/or try to find an alternate date or time to meet.

Hello, thank you for posting about your experience. I applied online about 3 weeks ago and my job application status has been "Active" any idea what exactly that means and if I am still being considered?

IQVIA is very bad at getting back to applicants ..I had the original interview March 1 and I am still waiting to finalize details, and fortunately have another position. I might try to contact an internal recruiter (IQVIA recruiter only) to determine if the application is being reviewed. IQVIA doesn't like dealing with third party recruiters, for eg kelly, barrington-james, etc. You can find these on linkedin, message these recruiters or email. Enter IQVIA recruiter into search terms.

Can you do other duties other than those of a CRA?

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Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a client?

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When you are monitoring subject data, how would you relate it to the items in a regulatory binder?

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What is found in a Reg binder

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Why are you wanting to leave your current CRO?

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How will you explain the term ALCOA

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3 documents in regulatory binder

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How do you problem solve as a CRA?

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What would be the first thing you would do when visiting a site 6-8 weeks post initial visit?

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